After 20 years abroad, working in the hotel industry, Mauricio Vianna returned to Brazil in 2010 and entered the Brazilian Tourism Trade.


He was immediately invited by the Dominican Republic to represent the destination in the Brazilian market. After a very successful achievement which resulted in a growth to the destination, Vianna decided to create his own company, Net Hospitality, which he launched in the beginning of 2014.


Net Hospitality, established in São Paulo, is a consulting firm providing unique and personalized support for the national and international tourism sector.


We develop and implement strategies to create, maintain and promote awareness of the Destination/DMC/Hotel, helping the brand building process in Brazil.

“We thank you Net Hospitality for your attention, indication and monitoring for the operation of a group – Enogastronomico, in Italy on April 2015. The company DMC Albatravel Platinum, which belong to its portfolio of partners, they met our expectations and led the operation of the group with a lot of professionalism. We hope to have new opportunities to delight our most demanding customers.”

          Felipe Dias, CEO of  Master Turismo




“The Italian Albatravel Platinum is fast and efficient with their answers. May it be on the standard or luxury sector the competence and the professionalism are always associated with this company.”

          Roberto Chelala, CEO of Via Mundi




“Casa de Campo is a must-go to whom likes tranquility, sports and luxury. The Hotel offers the best amenities, facilities and services you can get in the Dominic Republic. Every client who goes there loves all of it. It is a really successful resort from families to couples.”

          Ana Maria, CEO of Orinter Operator



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